iMAG Vent

Universal Magnetic

Air Vent Mount

The Ultimate Magnetic Car Mount  
That Securely Fits in Any Air Vent


Put the locking knob over the 360 ball head. Firmly press the magnetic head onto the 360 ball head. Twist the locking knob until Magnetic head is secured. There are two grip settings for thicker or thinner vent grilles. Rotate the back accordingly and use one that fits your air vent.

Easily and conveniently Secures your phone magnetically so you can attach and detach with just one habd! these rare , neodymium magnets provids a strong. secure bond without redidue , keeping your device 100% Safe even on The bumpiest roads! Enjoy hands_free conversations and GPS at your fingertips with iNOBEN’s Magnetic Universal Air |Vent Mount

No Fuss No Muss

There’s no more need to deal with clumsy cradles anymore! Engineered to solve that annoying problem of using a cradle to mount your phone.

Easy Adjustability

Use your phone in any orientation, portrait or landscape, to fit your needs.




Take it With You

Portable Kickstand

Use the car mount when you’re on-the-go as a kickstand for a comfortable and hands-free viewing angle.

Engineered to Fit

This unique magnetic mount is compatible with smartphones, tablets, GPS units, and more, to fit any lifestyle. You can attach to your phone case or directly to the back of your phone.